Carpet Care & Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet Care

Carpets are a very forgiving floor covering and can be significantly soiled long before any soiling is visibly apparent.  Regular and thorough vacuuming combined with periodic professional cleaning (ever one or two years) will extend your carpets life.

When you can see that your carpet needs cleaning, you have waited too long.

How to Ensure your carpet keeps looking great!

  1. Vacuum regularly
  2. Remove spills immediately
  3. Have your carpets professionally cleaned every twelve (12) months from date of installation or as required.  Our recommended Carpet Cleaner is Diamond Cleaning Services - Mobile: 0418 855 000 (Brenton)
  • SCOOP up solids before cleaning
  • BLOT as much liquid as possible using clean white towelling or paper towel
  • CLEAN - refer to spot chart.  Apply spot removal agent to clean towel.  Do not apply directly to carpet
  • RINSE with cold or luke warm water only
  • BLOT DRY with absorbent material such as paper towelling or use cold air fan to complete drying
  • DO NOT RUB OR SCRUB YOUR WOOL CARPET - rubbing or scrubbing can cause permanent pile distortion