Rug Cleaning & Care

The following is a guide to ensure you retain the beauty of your rug.

All woollen rugs shed and have a “settling down” period which will be hastened by regular vacuuming

Vacuuming regularly and thoroughly with a good quality vacuum cleaner will go a long way to retaining the appearance of your rug. Vacuum at least once a week to remove soil and dirt before it becomes embedded in the base of the carpet.

Stains are best prevented by acting quickly when spills occur. Blot liquids with paper towel or absorbent cloth. For water-based stains that require more than diluting the spill with minimal water and blotting, use a weak solution of mild detergent (eg wool-care) or carpet shampoo. Be sure to “rinse” out the detergent with water – blotting up all excess liquid once the stain has been removed. Do not rub or saturate the rug.

For oily or greasy stains use a dry-cleaning solvent, methylated spirits, or and aerosol carpet stain remover for greasy stains.

For unusual stains and spills we recommend contacting a professional carpet cleaner.

Rotate Rugs from end to end or place them in different parts of the house to share the wear